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ARGOS TV7: Sven Augustijnen

Sven Augustijnen, François (2003) © the artist

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Sven Augustijnen, Johan (2001)

Sven Augustijnen, François (2003)

In both Johan and François we find Sven Augustijnen exploring a straightforward documentary filmmaking mode.

The videos highlight therapy sessions undergone by patients suffering from aphasia. Aphasia is an illness that affects the language centres of the brain and is often caused by a brain tumour or haemorrhage. Patients suffering from aphasia are often subject to chronic memory loss. Due to semantic or interpretative disturbances, they cannot recognise certain people or correctly categorise specific objects.

In these videos, Sven Augustijnen’s camerawork, as well as his filming and editing process, comprises some aspects of the therapy, functioning as self reflexive feedback for these cinematic processes.