we're working towards apartheid free zones

Vers Des Zones Libres D'Apartheid
Vers Des Zones Libres D'Apartheid

From now on we are an working Towards Apartheid Free Zones!

Towards Apartheid Free Zones (Cultural Sector Solidarity with Palestine) is a trajectory towards a non-discriminatory and an apartheid free cultural sector in Belgium inspired by human rights and international law. This initiative is tailor-made for different cultural and artistic organizations tuned in with urgent socio-political questions. TAFZ is a coalition of artists and cultural workers from Belgium who, from both sides of the language barrier, are concerned about our role in society, a society that we see exposed to a growing war culture and to the danger of censorship and political-economical intimidation.

The Apartheid Free Zones campaign promotes the creation of spaces of proactive solidarity with the Palestinian people. Inspired by the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, the AFZ campaign seeks to cut links of complicity in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, especially those related to the UN-defined crime of apartheid.

Any business or organisation that wants to be an Apartheid Free Zone commits to supporting the principles of the BDS movement, to boycotting Israeli products and institutions, and international companies that profit from Israeli human rights abuses, and to publicly declaring that it is an Apartheid Free Zone.

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